“If it wasn’t for prayer and intercession I wouldn’t be here today.”

Pastor Betty Jamison

Our Founder’s Testimony

The Power of Prayer and Intercession for Transformation is on Display

“God changed my life through prayer and intercession!”

Below you will find the testimony of Pastor Betty Jamison, Founder & President of Watchmen on the Wall Global Prayer Network. Like many of us, Pastor Jamison faced insurmountable obstacles. But she was able to survive and overcome because someone prayed and interceded for her. And now she has a testimony of victory. She ask that you read her testimony and find hope that prayer and intercession can change your life too!

My Personal Testimony of Victory

If I may, I would like to take this opportunity to share my testimony, that I may be a blessing and witness to others.

My life was a vivid portrait of the evil vices that pull at the threads of this nation today. At age 14 I started drinking and soon became a full fledged alcoholic which opened the door to chain smoking. After I married, I left my family and hometown to move to Florida. From there my life spiraled downward. At first, unknown to me, I became the victim of a vicious attack of witchcraft. This was perpetrated by a jealous relative (now deceased), who used witchcraft to usurp control and power over others.

From one thing to another my life capsized with the unexpected deaths of three love-ones in succession, one being the dearly beloved grandmother who raised me. But it was the death of my youngest child that sent me into one of the deepest depressions of my life. With the lost of my child there came another blow. Our then recently built home, now stood in foreclosure due to a tax debt. Eventually we did lose our beautiful two-story custom built home, and was forced to move into a small three bedroom mobile home.

In the midst of the battle for our home the pressure still mounted. I was diagnosed with cervical cancer, which I refused to acknowledge for two years. Finally, I had to face the cancer. I could no longer deny it’s existence because it not only threaten my life but also the child I was carrying in my womb. Six month into my pregnancy the doctors advised that I terminate my pregnancy because of the high risk to the child and I, but I refused. Within this maze of opposition I still laid victim to the ravenous attacks of witchcraft.

This eventually lead me to a nervous breakdown. It was then, in what seem to be my lowest hour, God step in to deliver! One evening I found myself very sick. All I knew to do was call my mother who I knew was a prayer warrior. On the phone she began to make intercession for me. In the midst of her prayer I died and began to tumble over and over again in this darkness, (which I now know was hell). At that moment all I could hear was my mother at the other end of the phone calling my name profusely. Finally I stop tumbling and was immediately back in my body.

When I returned I then had the urge to go to the bathroom and there I released something from deep within me that looked like a large ball of tangle hair. God had set me FREE! Most of all I was delivered from the power of Satan through witchcraft. I then gave my life to God. Although life has not always been easy from then on, I still live a life of freedom and victory in our Lord. God has even blessed me to start Watchmen on the Wall Prayer Network, Inc., a organization of praying men and women who stand in the gap for others in spiritual, mental, and physical bondage like I WAS!

In closing I will like to say I know that without God I would have been in the midst of Hell. But all glory and praise belong to our God the savior of my soul!

Yours in Christ,
Pastor Betty Jamison

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